Manufacturing Potential

At Bo International, we believe in manufacturing every product in India, at our headquarters in the lush green capital, Delhi.

Our manufacturing facilities consist of state-of-the-art machines that are used to produce countless types of products for the market. We are GMP, USDA and ISO certified. We stick to finest quality standards during manufacturing, formulation, production and post-production procedures. We conduct stringent quality control tests to make sure our products match our efficiency and purity standards.  We test products continuously and methodically during the development and formulation stages.

Bo International believes in making cruelty-free products. We do not test our products on animals.


Our manufacturing facility utilizes avant-garde manufacturing equipment to ensure the finest quality products for our customers during low and high volume fills.

For running the smooth operation, our organization can boast of dedicated, educated and professional gamut of chemists and wonderfully experienced clinical team.

Our formulas are blended in our futuristic stainless steel mixers holding the ability of both cold and hot mixing processes along with accommodating a wide range of viscosities, formulations and particle sizes.

Each of our product lines comprise of automatic and semi-automatic fillers, sealers and cappers. Our mixed formulas are processed on our bottle, jar or tube lines.  Products which are put in our bottle and jar lines are filled well and capped while those tube lines products are filled properly and sealed with the help of heated and ultra-sonic equipment.

Our products come in unison for the labeling process with the help of a vast array of labelers. After getting labelled, they are coded with the help of advanced inkjet and laser coders. Subsequently, sealing equipment is used to securely seal and shrink wrap the products which are afterwards delivered to shipping.

Our team is dedicated to offer you a consistent and futuristic manufacturing facility as well as provide you with highest quality products of the best efficiency and quality.  Our well-trained and educated manufacturing team has a record of proven success to guide you to develop your line of skincare products.

Get detailed information on our manufacturing facility and potential. Kindly reach out to our team for more information.

Custom Formulation

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Contract Manufacturing

Enjoying leadership in the skincare manufacturing industry, Bo International offers you the golden opportune moment to create custom skincare product formulations for your brand. Our complete procedure occurs onsite that involves creation, formulation, packaging, designing, printing and shipment. In the last 20 years, we have collaborated with endless clients and manufactured billions of skincare products.

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Private Label

Bo International has been providing advanced and progressive solutions for complete skincare since two decades. We offer private label manufacturing services. We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement. We prepare our beauty products and essential oils after extensive research. These personal care products are prepared under the expertise and excellence of our R&D team.

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Custom Formulation

At Bo International, we offer our customers with custom formulation services. Just in case you’ve got an interesting concept for a customized skincare product- cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, anti-aging treatments or any other product worthy of conceptualizing- our capable team of well-qualified chemists can produce a formulation which is customized according to your specifications.

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