Picking the Suitable Name for your Cosmetic

Choosing the suitable name for your cosmetic can lure in desired customers and spread your name throughout the world. It can even bring alive a flailing line of cosmetics. Now if you’re wondering how do you know which is the suitable name for your beauty brand? Here’s how. The right name reflects the true purpose and uniqueness of the product.

A quick fact: any brand has the potential to make it big when utilized by an effective marketing strategy. Here is what you need to know to make your brand’s name a success.

The Importance of Beauty Brand’s Name

First Of all, you need to decide the message your brand wants to convey to the audience. It must support the important aspects of your business or product’s key features. Before you begin, get a keen insight into your goals, market niche and vision that will allow you to recognize what your brand wants to communicate.

There are 8 significant aspects of a powerful brand name:

1. It should be short and sweet. Customers tend to shorten the brand name if it is very long. Therefore, make sure it is not more than 13 characters, 3 syllables and 3 words.

2. Choose a unique name. Perform a thorough Google research of the chosen name and make sure it goes with the theme of your product or brand.

3. It should be easy to understand and decipher. The name you select needs to be simple to spell, read and pronounce. Steer clear of confusing names with weird characters or numbers that is understandable to a few of you.

4. The most important point to be noted is checking the availability for your brand name. Do a Google search for the available domain names to prevent being dragged into a lawsuit.

5. The name should be such that it is easy to remember and brings out sweet memories to derive an emotional response from customers.

6. The name needs to have a global appeal which is easy to speak and understand by people who speak different native languages. Also check the meaning of the name in another language to make sure it doesn’t have an inappropriate meaning in another language.

7. The suitable name is one that is liked by people from different walks of life across the world. It also plays an important role in deciding which type of customers you are focusing on.

8. Last but not the least, the brand name you choose needs to have a timeless appeal. If you are selecting a name which is specific to a particular era or century then chances are they will become either outdated or hard to decipher in the later years.


Have a Creative Approach

Neologisms: Coin new words for your brand name such as ‘fliving’ which is a blend of flying and driving. Examples are Hoover, Aspirin, Granola etc.

Descriptive: Pick names which are self-explanatory in nature and clearly convey the purpose of the product. Such as YouSendIt, General Motors.

Acronyms: Pick the brand names with initials such as IBM, D&G,YSL.

Founders’ Name: There have been times when popular brands have used the Founder’s name for their brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ben & Jerry’s, Yves Saint Laurent.

Lexical: These types of brand names are cultivated from clever use of wordplay. It includes Rhymes, Alliteration, Personification, Foreign Words, deliberately misspelled words and more. For Instance, ‘Burt’s Bees’ , Clean & Clear’, NYX Cosmetics, Clinique and so on.

Evocative: Such types of brand names evoke a special type of sentiment related to the use of word for example: Fresh, Virgin, Essence.

Geographical: Names which revolve around the geographical locations of the world such as Miami Subs, New York Life, Brazilian Peel, Hawaiian Tropic etc.

Being Silly is cool: Certain brands invent their names with the cunning use of a silly pun or sarcasm. For example: Not your Mother’s, Supergoop! etc.

Concluding Thoughts:

Finally, after having done thorough research and homework on creating an unused and smart brand name, you’ll manage to churn out four to five names. Select the one that conveys a clear message of the brand. Alternatively, you can use the poll feature on social media platforms for audience to pick the most suitable name from the available choices and do the needful. Take your own time with the brand naming process. Once you have picked the right name, welcome and introduce it with open arms every source you can get your hands on. Allow your brand name to build enthusiasm and interest in the customers.