Product Packaging-Do’s and Don’ts

Nike, McDonald’s, Amazon and Apple are such illustrious brands which are popular for their iconic packaging. They have taken care of aesthetics and familiarity which have been proven to lure in customers. Research and surveys show that packaging plays a crucial role in influencing the buying behavior of customers.

Be it texture, materials, typography or colors, the product’s packaging conveys your brand’s concept, message and long-term vision. It also helps in bringing out sentiments of the buyer which results in direct sales. What should you do? When it comes to packaging, take cues from top brands and never take packaging for granted.

Spanning over 20 years in the cosmetic industry, we have a rich experience of working with a million clients and have manufactured thousands of skincare products.

Ensure Quality Packaging that Highlights your Brand

If you’re wondering the method in which a product can attach its packaging with brand identity, then here are a few examples that explain the technique. Take Dove’s range of hair-care products as an instance, they offer neat packaging which is encompassed with a fresh-from-the-lab appeal. Sephora Cosmetics skincare range is a unique, crisp and refreshing approach while keeping the aesthetics subtle yet authentic.

All these brands have uplifted the association shared between seller and buyer with the meticulous utilization of peculiar packaging know-how and considerations. It is quite evident how they have surpassed massive hurdles experienced in the designing procedure of exceptionally successful packaging of cosmetics.

Having learnt the aforementioned techniques, your organization can follow the similar strategies.

Ensure the Customer experience is a cakewalk

Somewhere down the line, all of us have experienced a few uneasy moments with the awkwardly packaged products which hamper their functioning. No matter how much we adore the products, the inadequate experiences with their packaging stop us from purchasing them again.

Being a promising brand, you must ensure that customer doesn’t have to struggle hard to access your product. Make the utilization of product feel like a cakewalk for customers. You can offer test samples to targeted audiences, take feedback and modify packaging accordingly.

Make the Packaging Design Speak Volumes

Have you ever wondered the reason behind constant reinvention of brands’ packaging? The reason is they strive to remain as relevant and innovative as the target audiences’ changing tastes over the years. Often, tweaking a brand’s packaging in a new way includes something as basic as changing the color schemes and font of the product’s labels. Sometimes, the reinvention of brand’s packaging is done to give an immense boost to the declining/fluctuating line of products.

Make the brand copy easy to understand and read

Superthrive, a plant vitamin solution, has the potential to be a flourishing brand. But the confusion lies in being unable to figure out the purpose of the brand, techniques of using it and why customers should buy it. Where are they going wrong? Well, Fonts and Language. Yes, picking the simple fonts and words can put the main focus on the product instead of diverting it to unnecessary details.

Stick to the USDA Fundamentals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration supervises the packaging of cosmetics with a few definite rules about the do’s and don’ts of content to be mentioned on a label, the way a label must look and the places where a particular information must appear. The Federal Trade Commission inspects the methods of advertising your products. For example if you’re selling a small quantity in a massive container, it could get you into hot water for deceitful product packaging.


Make sure your product packaging is easy to open and use. Try to make the packaging comfortable and convenient to ensure satisfied customers. If your packaging doesn’t feel like a tedious task to buyers then, chances are you’ll have a huge list of loyal customers. The right type of brand packaging is designed to catch attention for all the right reasons and in all the right places to make the customer experience blissful.