Private Label Charcoal and Bay Leaf Soap Manufacturer

Here is the perfect cleansing multi-action soap you ever needed. Give your mornings a refreshing start by indulging in the cologne-scent of this enticing soap. Clean the dirt and smell great for the whole day with this amazing soap. It will wipe out the impurities from your body.  


  • Key Ingredients: The main ingredients are Bay Leaf extract, Witch Hazel extract and Activated Charcoal. This soap does not contain sulphate or paraben. It has a strong and long-lasting fragrance. It is safe for regular use. It is prepared with natural and organic contents.  
  • How does it benefit you: This soap contains the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal which wipes out all the hidden impurities and dirt particles from your skin. It kills bacteria to give you a neat and tidy skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe your skin. It is safe on your skin because it contains no harmful chemicals. It creates rich foam which leaves your body smooth and supple. 

About us: We provide a wide range of natural skin care products. We provide private label skin care products. We are a skin care products manufacturer. We make cruelty-free products. We offer private label skin care manufacturing services in USA as well as India. We are ISO, GMP and USDA certified. Our products can also be tested by a third-party laboratory.


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