Private Label herbal Hair Conditioner Manufacturer

There is nothing better than Amla which can take great care of your hair. This is why we have launched Amla Extract Herbal Hair Conditioner. This helps in getting rid of dry and rough hair. It gives you strong, shiny and silky mane.


  • Key Ingredients: The main ingredient of this product is Amla extract. It is the one and only powerful ingredient which conditions frizzy hair. It is made of herbal ingredients. It is safe and healthy. It is suitable for daily use.
  • Why it is beneficial for you: This conditioner gives necessary sheen and strength to lifeless hair. It makes your hair bounce and flow as you move. It nourishes hair follicles to prevent hair-fall. It increases the length of hair if you love long hair. It promotes growth of new hair. It softens the cuticles of hair. It enriches the texture of hair to make them lustrous. 

About us: We provide a wide range of natural skin care products. We provide private label skin care products. We are a skin care products manufacturer. We make cruelty-free products. We offer private label skin care manufacturing services in USA as well as India. We are ISO, GMP and USDA certified. Our products can also be tested by a third-party laboratory.


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