Private Label Natural Face Scrub Manufacturer

Natural Face Scrub is the best recipe to get rid of dirt, pollution and tanning. It gives you a fresh and radiant skin in no time. All you need to do is spare some time twice or thrice a week to get delightful skin.


  • Key Ingredients: Some of the key ingredients of Natural Face Scrub are Rice, bran, oatmeal, sugar, sea salt etc. All these contents are encompassed with the benefits of Mother Nature. They serve as an effective exfoliator and detoxifier.
  • Why it is beneficial for you: Our skin tends to absorb all the dust and grime due to daily travel in the harsh environment. This is why we need an efficient face scrub which purifies our skin from surface to deep layers. When it is a natural face scrub without harsh chemicals, that makes it even safer and better. Get unclogged pores which are minimized and cleaned of dirt in a jiffy. Wipe out the hidden impurities and problems of skin with each use of Natural Face Scrub.

About us: We provide a vast array of natural skin care products. We are a skin care products manufacturer. We provide private label skin care products. We make cruelty-free products. We offer private label skin care manufacturing services in USA as well as India. We are ISO, GMP and USDA certified. Our products can also be tested by a third-party laboratory.


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