Private Label Organic Neem Oil Manufacturer

Purify your skin and hair with the anti-fungal properties of Organic Neem Oil. It nourishes your hair as well as skin. This is a complete tonic that takes care of your physical well-being. It is prepared with nature-derived ingredients which are safe and healthy for your skin.


  • Key Ingredients: The one and only primary ingredient used in this product is Neem Oil. This is a pure cold-pressed oil which is devoid of harmful chemicals, paraben, colors, fragrance and sulphate. It is suitable for all hair types.  
  • Why it is beneficial for you: This amazing oil helps in enhancing your scalp health while balancing the pH level of the scalp. It prevents the development of dandruff. It gives deep conditioning of frizzy mane. It lends softness and smoothness to dull skin. It gives supple and radiant skin. It is effective for treating head lice and nits. It also works as a natural mosquito repellant.   

About us: We provide a wide range of natural skin care products. We provide private label skin care products. We are a skin care products manufacturer. We make cruelty-free products. We offer private label skin care manufacturing services in USA as well as India. We are ISO, GMP and USDA certified. Our products can also be tested by a third-party laboratory.


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