What is Bo International?

Bo International is an epitome of natural care given to skin, hair and body since last 20 years. It makes organic, cruelty-free and natural personal care products as well as essential oils. As per a general market observation, most of the people opt for natural beauty products more than chemical-laden cosmetics.

Any skincare brand which is focusing on selling products to such customers, it becomes imperative to know the real meaning of ‘natural’ beauty products along side many related keywords.

Understand the Buzzwords

According to a noteworthy consumer survey, up to 32% choose products which are organic or natural. With the rising expectations of the growing market, it is necessary for brands to keep the public informed about the buzzwords such as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and the like. Below are four types of phrases everyone should know about:

1. Botanical: Ingredients which are extracted from plants fall under this category. Some of the examples are Kale, Sweet Almond Oil and Green Tea.

2. Natural: Ingredients which continue to be in their natural form with no amount of processing come in this category. For example: Cold-pressed Olive Oil, Freshly-squeezed orange Juice and Sea Salt.

3. Organic: Such materials come from sources which were once living. These ingredients are animal or plant-based which might have undergone some level of processing but are devoid of pesticides, man-made fertilizer, livestock feed additives, growth regulators, genetically transformed organisms or irradiation.

4. Naturally-derived: These type of ingredients are obtained from nature and prepared with lesser amount of processing. Such as: Chamomile Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Green Tea Extract.

Moreover, simply getting an insight into the meaning of these key phrases is not enough. Companies must follow the rules and regulations of U.S. Food and Drug Administration before launching their products. This agency doesn’t shy away from sending letters of warning to companies that propose unsubstantial claims about their products. Of late, many companies have been at the receiving end of making inappropriate claims leading to notices from the FDA department and breach of trust from consumers.

Ensure transparency in your brand by healthy promotion and use of acceptable marketing tactics. You might even like to reveal the list of actual ingredients to consumers to not keep them in the dark. This move often leads to laying a strong foundation of trust and satisfaction from customers.

The key to success is keeping it subtle and transparent, as much as possible. Remember, the customer is like the Almighty and we thrive due to their existence. Companies should make sure that customers should be made to feel very important through our constant practice of integrity.