Private Label Organic Non Toxic Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturer

Organic Non Toxic Aloe Vera Gel is a boon for your skin and hair. This is an organic formula which is devoid of toxic material or harmful chemicals. It is the nature’s miracle packed into this bundle of tender, love and care known as Organic Non-toxic Aloe Vera Gel.


  • Key Ingredients: As the name suggest, this product contains the key ingredient called Aloe Vera gel in its most purest and organic form. It also contains Wheatgerm extract and Rose water. These are herbal and natural ingredients which are healthy and safe for your skin and hair.
  • Why it is beneficial for you: Aloe Vera Gel is popular for its moisturizing and soothing properties. It can heal dry and rough skin. It lends hydration to dull hair. It gives your skin the much-needed rejuvenation and renewal you were seeking. It reduces hairfall as well as dandruff issues. It eliminates sunburn or rashes on the skin. It also diminishes blemishes on your skin to give you a soft, smooth and flawless skin.  

About us: We provide a wide assortment of natural skin care products. We are a skin care products manufacturer. We provide private label skin care products. We make cruelty-free products. We offer private label skin care manufacturing services in USA as well as India. We are ISO, GMP and USDA certified. Our products can also be tested by a third-party laboratory.


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