Our Consistency

Satisfied Clients

Our client satisfaction rate is 100%. We get inspired by our clients who are happy with our services and work harder!

Countries Served

We serve 10+ countries currently and aim to be a global leader in the private label industry with our wide range of manufacturing services.

Production Capacity

Our capacity to fill 5000+ tubes and 3000+ bottles everyday help us in fulfilling your bulk manufacturing requirements with ease.

Manufacturing Area

We have set up a large manufacturing facility to manage bulk manufacturing. Also, our large manufacturing area is large enough to accommodate more manufacturing facilities in the future.

Dedicated Employees

Our dedicated employees are our strength. Their dedication, hard work, and zeal to perform better allow us in offering top-notch services to our clients.

Instant Response to Customers

Our support team has been trained to offer an immediate response to our clients. Our dedicated support services make us stand apart from our competitors.

Our Manufacturing Potential

  • GMP certified
  • Fully-automatic Manufacturing Vessels
  • Highly qualified manufacturing chemists
  • 4000 KGs per day production capacity
  • 7,50,000 tube-filling capacity
  • 30,00,000 bottle-filling capacity
  • 55,000 sq ft Production Area
  • Cold-press Oil Machines
  • Steam Distillation Machines
  • In-house DM Water Plant

Research & Development

In-House Microbiological Lab

We have set up a dedicated microbiological lab which has the latest incubators and instruments. Our lab assistants and staff are trained to maintain all the compliance standards and requirements as requested by our clients. The advanced machinery helps us in maintaining a hazard-free facility to maintain the highest-quality standards while formulating the products.

Cosmetic Formulation

At BO International, we believe in formulating new, better, and innovative products in the skincare and cosmetics industry. Our recent formulations are trending in the market and are helping our clients enhance their customer base. Our custom formulas help us to innovate the products and include the ingredients that our clients expect in their products.


At BO International, we maintain the highest standards of product quality while delivering the products to top cosmetics and beauty brands. Through rigorous testing and analysis of materials, we deliver pure and top-notch products to our clientele. The state-of-art technologies help us automate the manufacturing and minimize wastage of resources.

Micro Testing

Micro testing is done to calculate the number of fungi and yeast present in every gram or ml of the cosmetics and personal care products. It also helps to determine whether harmful bacteria are present in them or not. Through total microbial count and yeasts and molds count, we ensure that our products are dermatologically safe and ready to be used!

Our Quality

Quality Control (QC)

BO International is dedicated to adhere to the strict quality guidelines at every stage of production. We integrate rigorous testing methods while sourcing raw materials, handling operations, manufacturing, and delivering products to our clients. Our lab is furnished with all the innovative and advanced instruments like pH meters, LOD ovens, and more.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The therapeutic-quality of our products are a result of using natural ingredients and inclusion of rigorous testing methods in our manufacturing process. We follow a strict QA (Quality Assurance) program to deliver innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products in the market. We maintain a consistent quality in our products to enhance customer satisfaction and make them happy!

GC/GCMS Analysis

The integration of GC/GCMS Analysis in our testing procedures has enabled us to maintain the quality standards. GC i.e. Gas Chromatography means letting the vaporized essential oil pass through a long column to separate individual columns on the basis of their molecular weight and chemical properties. These individual components are then tested to evaluate the composition of products.

Cosmetics Product Testing

We conduct a thorough testing of cosmetics to ensure that they are safe and adhere to all the quality requirements. Some of our testing procedures include pH testing, testing of active ingredients, fragrance and foam height testing, and calculating specific gravity, melting point, and viscosity of cosmetics. We also conduct micro testing to ensure that all the safety standards are maintained.

Product Packaging

Storage Inventory

Picking the products for your skincare range could be a tedious task. However, our expert sales executives are here to give you a walkthrough of the process. Picking the products for your skincare range could be a tedious task. However, our expert sales executives are here to give you a walkthrough of the process.

  • Gmp-compliant Storage Facilities.
  • Sap For Unified Production Planning.
  • 24/7 Electronic Surveillance At Out Manufacturing Facilities.
  • Biometric Access Control to Restrict Unauthorized Entry in Core Areas.


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