Private Label Banana Lube Gel Manufacturer

  • Benefits: Friction-free Intercourse,Safe to Use,Long-lasting Experience
  • MOQ: 2000 Unit
  • Lead Time: 20 Days/1000 unit
  • Packaging Size: 50ml,100ml
  • Packaging Type: Tube
  • Private Label: Available
  • Custom Formula: Available
  • Trade Assurance: On-time Delivery Guarantee Refund Policy

Lube gels are formulated to provide satisfying and friction-free intercourse. Banana Lube Gel is preferred by couples who get aroused by the stimulating fragrance of fresh bananas. Bo International offers high-quality sexual wellness products. Our products are carefully researched and tested to provide optimum performance to the users.

Our banana lube gels contain natural banana extracts. We refrain from using any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may damage your skin. It produces the moisture needed for smooth and safe intercourse naturally. We offer these sexual wellness products in bulk to our clients. We accept custom formulas and custom packaging designs as per the demands of our clients. Our bulk production capacity allows us to offer these products at wholesale rates. We have developed partnerships with top logistics companies to deliver your products quickly and safely. Contact our sales executive to find out more about our private label services and offerings.

Banana Lube Gel Ingredient List

Banana Extract

Sodium Saccharin

Propylene Glycol

Banana Lube Gel Benefits

Friction-free Intercourse

Sometimes, our body fails to create the moisture required for smooth and friction-free intercourse. Our banana lube gel is formulated with water-based extracts and other lubricating ingredients that enhance the moisture naturally and facilitate a friction-free and erotic experience to the couples.

Safe To Use

Our banana lube gels are free from sulphates, parabens, and other toxins. Therefore, they are completely safe to use. We use only natural extracts and ingredients in our lube gels to make them suitable for daily or regular use. Our ingredients are lab-tested to ensure their safety and quality.

Long-lasting Experience

The banana lube gel we offer is formulated for a powerful and long-lasting experience. It has the stimulating aroma of fresh bananas that ignites the passion in the couples. A little portion of this lube will be enough to experience a sensual and long-lasting experience.

How to Use

Step 1

Wash your intimate body parts and intimate areas nicely with lukewarm water.

Step 2

The couples can apply a little portion of lube carefully on/inside their genitals.

Step 3

More lube can be used if required. Genitals should be washed carefully after intercourse.

Banana Lube Gel Manufacturer

Bo International is a leading Private Label Banana Lube Gel Manufacturer and a Third-party contract-based Company in India. We provide private label, custom formulation, customized packaging and contract manufacturing of Banana Lube Gel

We Produce Banana Lube Gel using a standardized and certified international process that enables us to extract all of the advantageous active elements. We are 3rd Party Banana Lube Gel contract-based private labeling manufacturer and all the products manufactured in bulk are clinically tested and verified.

Bo International welcomes any kind of customization to the manufacturing formula of Banana Lube Gel.We provide the product in any desired customized packaging options, from tube to pump. This makes us one of the top third-party manufacturers of premium quality Banana Lube Gel & Other Skincare products.

Bo International is the perfect private label manufacturer of Banana Lube Gel to stand as a unique and best quality product in the market. We promise the best proficiency level of research and development to explore your needs and wants that fit your product design and customize accordingly.

BO International is certified with ISO-WHO, GMP, KOSHER, HACCP, HALAL, etc. We promise timely delivery within the country and even in 120+ international countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA with the help of the logistic connection with DHL, FedEx, Blue Dart, India Post, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can banana lube gel be tasted or not?

Lubricant gels are meant to be used only for making intercourse smooth. Though ingestion in small quantities is unlikely to cause any major issues, it should be avoided at all times. It is so because each lube gel may contain ingredients that can harm your health if swallowed or ingested.

Will I have any burning sensations after using banana lube gel?

We have formulated our banana lube gels to be safe for your skin. However, some people might be allergic to natural ingredients as well. Such people should take a patch test on the elbow or knee to check whether it causes any burning sensation or not.

Can banana lube gel be used only by men and women?

People of any gender can use banana lube gel to experience enhanced and safe intercourse with their beloved.

Does banana lube gel have any side effects?

Our banana lube gels are lab-tested for their quality and safety. Therefore, they do not have any side effects if used properly.

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