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8 Essential Rules of Product Packaging Design.

  • 30/03/2023
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Packaging Design means the designs that are printed on custom-made boxes. Different types of packaging have different designs. Brands that neglect the Product Packaging Design end up losing some business. It is so because the packaging is the first aspect that the customers see while buying the products. Premium and creative packaging designs make the customers believe that the products are top-quality.

Essential Rules of Product Packaging Design

Due to these reasons, product packaging design can easily influence the buying preferences of customers. In this article, we will take a look at the top 8 rules that brands must follow while selecting branding and packaging designs. These are the 8 essential product packaging design rules that we are talking about:

1. Know your Customer

The expectations and preferences of the customers that are going to buy your products should be considered before packaging custom boxes with logos. For example, if the target audience majorly consists of millennials, the packaging design must be funky and vibrant to match their preferences.

Knowing customers will help you in determining the kind of packaging designs you must choose for your products. The colors and designs in your creative packaging must also reflect the essence and values of your brand. It must also attract end users by creating a positive impact on them.

2. Form Follows Function

The product packaging design must also complement the products that are going to be packaged inside. If you are going to fill your product in a glass bottle, the packaging must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the product. Similarly, lighter materials can be used to package plastic bottles. You can avoid filling the bottles in metal containers for products that contain acids as they may react with them and affect their stability.

Some sort of labeling and design must also be present on the primary packaging material i.e. the bottle or container to make it look more premium and aesthetic. The idea should be to use creative custom box design while maintaining the safety and integrity of products.

3. Power of Simplicity

Overcrowded designs on the product packaging don’t look good. It also seems as if the brand is taking too much effort into the packaging because the product inside is of substandard quality. The product packaging design must reflect a minimal design with fewer elements. Too many fancy designs and colors can divert the customers from the main product that is packaged inside.

Minimalistic design with subtle colors gives a premium look and proves to be the best packaging design for most of the products. The custom boxes with logos and a couple of designs are good enough to attract buyers. Therefore, brands should not be too creative or fancy when it comes to packaging designs.

4. Think of Brand

Brands must focus on the things that complement their products and brand image. The way the products are packaged and presented reflects the brand’s essence and values. The brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors by using unique product packaging designs. The designs and colors used in the product packaging must be in sync with the colors and designs that the brand uses while promoting and marketing its products.

The brands that sell organic products can use colors like brown, green, yellow, etc. that reflect the type of ingredients and products they sell. Ultimately, the customers must resonate with the creative packaging design used by them.

5. Testing

You must create enough samples or mock packaging boxes before finalizing one. It will give you an idea of how you should present the details, labels, and other elements of your product packaging design. You can ask for reviews and opinions from your relatives and friends after designing multiple product packages.

The design that gets the most votes can be considered the best option for your creative packaging. The testing must also be done from the quality and safety point-of-view to ensure that the products remain stable and safe in the packaging under different climatic and external conditions.

6. Look at your Competitors

Sometimes, your competitors can be the best source of inspiration for your creative packaging designs. The kind of product packaging designs and colors they use can be mimicked in your own way without making it look plagiarised or copied. By looking at the product packages of your competitors, you can develop your own ideas that are not only unique but also relevant to your business and product category.

Also, the kind of product packaging used should also be based on whether the products will be displayed on shelves or hung from the top. The size, design, and creative aspects of the competitor’s box packaging design will give you an idea about the size and design that can suit your products and brand image.

7. Stay in Line

Brands often look at their line of products and ensure that multiple products of their product line look somewhat similar when it comes to packaging. For example, a brand that sells hygiene care products would like to use product packaging designs that define its branding strategies and brand image.

Similarly, cosmetics brands might use similar colors and designs for their products. The customers would identify the products easily if similar patterns or designs are followed while packaging different products in your lineup. While the products should have some similarities, they shouldn’t look exactly similar or it might confuse the buyers.

8. Prime Printing

While determining the product packaging design for the custom-made boxes, you should also ensure top-notch printing quality. It is so because the best of the designs will look degraded if the printing quality is not up to the mark. The font, ink quality, and labels used must be of top-quality to give a premium look and feel to your products.

You might have to invest in a high-quality and expensive printer to design creative packaging for your line of products. If you don’t have much clue about printers, you can take help from expert designers and printers who know how to get the best packaging design.


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