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At Bo International, we work with a wide range of candle waxes, wicks, and natural fragrances. It allows us to manufacture private label scented tea light candles, romantic candle scents, designer perfume-scented candles, and aromatherapy candles. Some of our popular aroma candles in this category include Lavender candles, Jasmine candles and more.

Private Label Aroma Candles Manufacturer

Bo International is a pioneer when it comes to providing private label services. We are a standard and certified private label aroma candle manufacturer in India. We have partnered with both national and international brands to resolve their manufacturing and marketing needs. Our association with the top brands have helped us gain deep insights and exposure in different market segments. We have our own market research team that collaborates with our research and development team to introduce new and unique private label aroma candle products in the market. Through our private label services, we provide end-to-end solutions from formulation to packaging and from marketing to delivery. Our third party labelling services include logo designing, graphic designing, and other labelling services. We accept customised packaging designs to accommodate the client's requirements to perfection.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of private label aroma candles. The integration of natural scents and fragrance oils makes our scented candles suitable for regular use. They do not release any toxic gases or chemicals which makes them safe for your end users. Our access to a wide range of natural oils and scents allows us to customise the scent of the candles as per your needs. We work with natural colours and ingredients to determine the final physical appearance and properties of the private label candles.

Our candles are suitable for aromatherapy as they reduce stress, anxiety, and low mood by disbursing a positive vibe and scent in the surroundings. We offer the highest quality private label scented candles and aromatherapy candles at discounted rates. The latest innovations and technologies are integrated with our production plants to meet bulk manufacturing requirements. We employ rigorous testing methods to ensure the safety and quality of the end private label aroma candle products. Our collaboration with the best logistics firms enables us to deliver the aroma candles within the deadline. Get in touch with us to know more about our private label aroma candle manufacturing service offerings!

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