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BO International is the leading private label hair spray manufacturer in India. We indulge in manufacturing different types of hair sprays as per the request of our clients. These hair sprays are infused with natural and herbal extracts. Some of our popular products in this category includes - Hair Heat Protection Spray, Aloe Vera Hair Binding Spray, Control Freak Hairspray, Anti Dandruff Hair Spray, Freeze Frame Hairspray & more.

Private Label Hair Spray Manufacturer

BO International is India's standard and certified private label hair spray manufacturer. We indulge in bulk manufacturing of private label hair care products, which allows us to offer them at wholesale and discounted rates to our B2B clients. Apart from formulating and manufacturing the products, we also package and market them as per the diverse requirements of our clientele. Through our third-party labelling services, we offer logo designing, and other labelling services.

Our long and fruitful association with top brands worldwide gives us a deep understanding of the ongoing market trends and the latest industry practices. We employ these insights while marketing and formulating private label hair spray products. Our research and development can handle our clients' flexible requests. We research custom formulas and ingredients and help to launch new and unique private label hair spray products in the market. We employ the latest innovations and technologies to maintain our products' safety and quality standards.

Each of the ingredients is carefully tested before using it for manufacturing products. Our private label hair sprays are free from chemicals and harmful additives. They suit all hair and skin types and come in different varieties to resolve hair issues like dandruff, split ends, dry hair, etc. The natural extracts used in our private label hair sprays nourish your hair and increase its volume naturally. The use of herbal ingredients makes them suitable for regular use. We collaborate with the leading logistics companies to deliver the hair spray products safely to your doorstep. Our customised packaging solutions enable us to meet the diverse marketing requirements of our clientele.

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