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Formulations Of Skincare Products- Tips, Benefits, Ingredients & Cost .

  • 09/02/2023
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A skincare formulation is a process of combining different types of ingredients together to make safe and effective skincare products. Usually, skincare formulas vary as per the purpose of use and the skin type they are formulated for. Organic skincare formulation consists of only natural ingredients or ingredients that are derived from natural or organic sources.

Creams, lotions, moisturisers, face scrubs, face masks, body serums, body shampoos, and many other skin care products are available on the market today. Each of these products comprises unique custom skincare formulations that are created from extensive research and lab work.

Tips For Formulating Skin Care Products

There are different ways of formulating skin care products. The ones that are manufactured commercially go through extensive testing and careful formulation. The DIY skincare recipes we make at home are usually not that well-researched. However, the basic work of mixing the ingredients and ensuring that the final product is safe for your skin remains the same.

Now, let’s discuss some tips that you can follow during the formulation of skin care products!

(1) Select The Ingredients Smartly:

The essence of custom skincare formulations lies in their ingredients. When it comes to natural skincare formulation, you should go for ingredients that are simple and backed by research. Herbs, spices, leaves, fruits, and flowers are some of the common ingredients found in an organic skincare formulation. You may also explore the benefits of essential oils, body butter, and other organic ingredients while designing organic cosmetic formulations.

(2) Focus On The Formulary Goals:

It is essential to know whether the ingredients you are planning to use in your formulas are good enough to meet the intended results. For example, if you are making a skincare product for those with sensitive skin, you must do enough research on it and then perform a patch test to ensure whether it is actually working or not.

(3) Know About The Concentration Range Of Ingredients:

The concentration level of any ingredient is defined in the form of a percentage range. You must double-check whether the percentages of all the ingredients you are using in the skincare formulations are within the recommended concentration range. If not, you can increase or reduce the number of ingredients in the formula to maintain the correct concentration levels.

Only those with extensive knowledge of product formulation know about the precise concentration range of different ingredients. Therefore, you can consult them before finalising your formulas.

(4) Produce Anhydrous Skincare Products:

Anhydrous formulas are the ones that do not contain any water. They are recommended for beginners who do not have extensive knowledge about cosmetic and natural skincare formulations. As the anhydrous skincare products do not contain water, there is no need to add any preservatives during the formulation phase. As a result, these formulas are much more stable and easier to make.

Skincare Formulations For Specific Populations

While creating a skincare formulation, you must consider the target audience it is being formulated for. It is so because the ingredients will vary as per the skin tone, skin type, and other key distinguishing parameters of people belonging to different age groups. Here are some key details you should know before formulating any skincare product:

(1) Gender:

Gender plays a significant role in determining the kind of fragrances and ingredients to be used in skincare formulations. For instance, feminine fragrances will be used in the products meant for women whereas masculine fragrances will be used in the products formulated for men.

(2) Age:

Age plays a key role when it comes to formulating skin care products. The skincare formulations used for an older audience are generally more gentle and less concentrated.

(3) Skin Colour:

The skin colour determines the kind of colourants that will be used in organic cosmetic formulations and skin care products.

(4) Skin Issue:

The skincare formulations for different skin issues will be different. For example, hydrating ingredients like aloe vera gel will be used in moisturisers whereas cleansing agents will be used in body scrubs and face cleansers.

Cost Of Formulating A Skincare Product

The final cost of formulating skin care products varies as per the kind of ingredients used in them. If the ingredients are rare or unique, the final cost will be naturally on the higher side. The cost of a single formulation in India can be around Rs. 1,00,000 or even more in some cases.

How Customised Formulas Will Help Your Business?

Customised formulas allow skincare brands to add new and unique ingredients to their products. You can focus on creating custom formulas if you want to launch a new product in the market. Customised formulas also mean that the natural skincare formulations used in your products are unique. It provides you with a competitive edge over your competitors.

Therefore, as a cosmetic or skincare brand, your focus must be on collaborating with private label manufacturers that offer customised formulas to their clients. The customisations could be in the main ingredients or in the fragrances, and colours. It would enable you to enhance the benefits of the final formulation or modify the overall aesthetics and appeal of the products.

The Bottom Line

Skincare products are formulated differently based on their purpose of use. Natural skincare products and organic cosmetic products are trending nowadays. Therefore, you must check whether the ingredients used in the skincare formulations are organic or not. The sources from where you get the ingredients or the private label service providers with whom you collaborate for your manufacturing needs must be reputed in dealing with organic and natural ingredients.

At Bo International, we provide end-to-end private label services and offer complete support to brands looking for natural skincare formulations. We accept customised formulas and ingredients as per the client’s requirements. Our research team is capable of handling the diverse requirements of our clients when it comes to formulating new products and modifying existing ones to meet their expectations. To know more about our offerings and formulations, contact our sales executive today!

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