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How to Find the Best Formulation for Skin Care Products?

  • 22/02/2023
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The product formulation is an in-depth process of finalising the ingredients and raw materials that should be used in a specific product. The ingredients used in the product formulas can also be used in skincare marketing ideas to increase product awareness. Brands indulge in detailed research to find the best formulas for their products.

Collaborating with the best Private Label Skincare Manufacturers will ease their stress as they have readymade formulas. Yet, brands can decide on their own ingredients by customising these formulas as per their marketing needs. In this article, we will discuss finding the best formulas for skin care products.

Some of the key things that you should focus on while finding and re-inventing formulas are explained below:

1. Research Online

The ingredients to be used in the skincare formulas should be good enough to provide satisfactory results to the end users. You can research online to find the active ingredients that make skin care products more effective and beneficial. The pre-existing formulas will give you an idea of how ingredients are chosen carefully before formulating a product.

As natural skin care products are trending these days, you can find out the benefits of using herbs, leaves, fruits, and other organic ingredients. You can also focus on getting natural fragrances and colors for your formulas to make them skin-friendly and safe.

2. Compare Manufacturing Companies

Numerous private label skin care manufacturers are available in the market. You must focus on associating with the top companies with a clean record and history. They must be experienced in manufacturing the type of products you are looking for. At the same time, they must also be flexible in handling your diverse requirements.

Find the companies that accept custom formulas and work with a wide range of organic ingredients, fragrances, and colours. They must have a dedicated research and development team who can work on your formulas and suggest some great changes in them. Finally, they must be able to handle your bulk manufacturing requirements.

3. Check Certifications

Before working with any private label skin care company, check their certifications and verify the authenticity of the certifications they produce before you. It is so because many companies show counterfeit or fake certifications for acquiring clients. Associating with a renowned and certified private label skin care manufacturer will solve most of your problems.

Yet, you must check whether they have cruelty-free (vegan), gluten-free, SLES and SLS-free, paraben-free, and other certifications. Find organic skin care manufacturers that are transparent when it comes to disclosing the ingredients used in their formulas. These things will help in making your formulas effective for the end users.

4. Confirm Industry Experience

An experienced private label skin care manufacturer will likely provide reliable services. You can confirm your industry experience by talking with your peers and industry experts. Online research will also give you an idea about their expertise.
If you have any doubts regarding their experience, talk with their customer support team.

They will provide you with all the details like when the company was established, who is the founder, etc. You can also check their website to get an idea about the company’s vision, establishment year, mission, and goals. At the same time, you must know about their experience in creating their own formulas.

5. Client Portfolio and Testimonials

Once you finalise the private label companies you want to work with, you can ask for their detailed portfolio. The customer support or sales team can provide a detailed client portfolio. Go through their portfolio to understand how they work.

The portfolio might also contain details about their previous collaborations, industry experience, and more. These insights will help you understand whether you should be working with that particular company or not.

Also, you can refer to third-party sites to read the client testimonials. You can also use platforms like LinkedIn to discuss the experience of their clients. Their feedback will be of great use while creating contracts and negotiating deals.

How to formulate skincare products?

Now that you have understood how to find the best private label skincare manufacturer for your business, let’s focus on how to create the best formulas for your skin care products. Follow these steps while formulating your skincare and cosmetic products:

a.Select the Ingredients Wisely:

Check the number of active ingredients in the formulas. If the number of active ingredients used is greater, the end products will definitely be much more effective and beneficial. If you find the active ingredients are missing, you can ask the private label skincare line to include them in the formulas.

b.Emphasise the Formulary Target:

While selecting the ingredients for your formula, focus on that you don’t deviate from the target of the formulation. For example, you cannot add only skin-brightening ingredients to a moisturizer. You should also add the ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera gel that moisturise the skin deeply.

c.Know the Concentration of the Ingredients:

Keep the concentration of the ingredients in mind while using them. Using the ingredients disproportionately may make the final formula useless or less effective. Know about the recommended concentration levels of each ingredient in advance and create a formula that is well-balanced and safe for the end users.

d.Use Anhydrous Formulas:

Anhydrous products means the ones that are made without using water. Using the anhydrous formula is recommended as they do not need any preservatives. It will make your end products more natural. Anhydrous formulas are also more stable and they do not need to be preserved as carefully as the ones with water do.


We hope you have understood the precautions and steps to be taken while formulating skin care products. You can associate with the best private label skin care manufacturer that accepts custom formulas. Bo International is the leading and certified private label skin care manufacturer in India.

It not only accepts custom formulas but also uses only natural fragrances, preservatives, and colours. The top-quality products made by them are a result of their fruitful collaboration with some of the leading skincare brands in the industry. To know more about their offerings and services, get in touch with their sales executive today.

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