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How To Find the Best Skincare Manufacturer in India?

  • 20/02/2023
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As the cosmetics industry is growing at a rapid pace, meeting the increasing demand of consumers can be difficult for many brands. Delaying the availability and launch of products can affect their business drastically. Private label cosmetic manufacturers help brands scale up their production size and range.

Cosmetic brands prefer outsourcing their production to private label skin care manufacturers due to these reasons. At the same time, it also helps them focus on their core business aspects like marketing, advertising, branding, etc. In this article, we will look at some ways of finding the best cosmetic manufacturers in India.

1. Focus on the Evolving Skin Care Industry Trends

Skincare and cosmetic consumption have increased exponentially in this decade. The demands and requirements of the end users keep on evolving with them. This motivates the brands to adapt to the changing trends As a cosmetic and skincare brand, you must focus on these evolving trends.

Collaborating with experienced private label skin care companies with a keen focus on customer insights and the latest industry trends can help. Some of the recent trends that you should focus on include:

  • Growing preference for skin care products based on natural formulas and ingredients
  • Actresses are becoming the face of skincare and cosmetic brands
  • Makeup products are in great demand as they help women to hide their facial imperfections
  • A steady increase in the use of lifestyle products

2. What is the Future of the Skincare Market in India?

Indian brands are facing huge competition from international brands who are also exploring the Indian markets. The rise in competition will ensure a steady influx of fresh skincare brands and companies. At the same time, there is a huge challenge to cut down the production costs as the ingredients and raw materials are getting expensive day by day.

Brands must focus on building relations with private label skin care manufacturers who offer the products at wholesale rates. It is only possible if you collaborate with private label companies that handle the bulk production of several products.

By cutting down the production cost, you can focus on revamping your branding and marketing strategies which will definitely help your business grow in the future.

3. Understand the Evolving Trends in the Cosmetics Industry

The massive demand for cosmetics and beauty products in India gives a huge opportunity to startups and new brands. To tap into these opportunities, you must tie up with a manufacturer who can handle your diverse requirements. You may need to customise an existing formula and make it your own. Some of the latest trends in the cosmetics industry include:

  • The growing use of herbal products in the cosmetic and makeup applications
  • Cosmetics brands are focussing on creating products with a global appeal
  • Brands are collaborating with third-party cosmetics manufacturers to scale up their production

After understanding these trends, you can convert them into an opportunity by finding a perfect private label skincare company. The following things can be considered when choosing the best cosmetic manufacturer in India:

a. Manufacturing Capacity

Collaborate with private label natural skin care manufacturers who can handle your bulk manufacturing requirements. You can find private label companies who work with a few clients so that your manufacturing requirements aren’t ignored. At the same time, the quality of the ingredients used in the products should be top-notch.

The testing process should be quick so that you can start selling the products directly through your website or retail stores. The private label company must have tie-ups with the top logistics companies so that the products don’t get damaged during delivery.

b. Formulation Types Used

A private label skin care manufacturer typically has multiple formulas for different products. They may also engage in inventing new formulas for the same products. However, you must get the formulas that have the most active ingredients. It will make your products more effective and popular in the market.

Therefore, you must target manufacturers who focus highly on introducing active ingredients in the formulas. You can also find those who can customise the formulas as per your request.

c. Previous History of the Company

To find the best private label body care products manufacturer in India, you must check the previous history of the company. Their history must be clean and no lawsuits should be filed against them in the past.

It will help you to associate with the private label companies that work with the highest levels of transparency and honesty in the business. You can also undertake online research to find private label skin care companies with a clean track record.

d.Contact the Private Label Manufacturers Directly and get more details

Once you have used the above tips to find the best private label skin care manufacturers for your business, you can contact them directly to know about their business.

The details like MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), product line, the price range for bulk orders, etc. can be asked from their sales team or customer support team. You can also take their feedback after discussing your requirements and expectations.


We hope that you have understood how to find the best private label skincare line or company. Always work with reliable private label skin care companies to avoid any hassles. Bo International is one of the most reputed companies when it comes to private label skincare and cosmetics production in India.

They engage in bulk production and emphasize greatly on product and ingredient quality. A complete suite of services from product formulation to delivery along with the packaging is offered by this company. Contact them today and know more about their private label services and products.

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