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How To Start Your Own Lip Scrub Business?

  • April 19, 2023
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Lip Scrubs are used to exfoliate the dead skin cells, dirt, and other toxins from your lips. Though a relatively new entrant in the lip care market, they are gaining wide recognition owing to their ability to provide you with pink and soft lips. If you want to enter the lip scrub manufacturing business, you need to acquire knowledge of how they are manufactured.

How To Start A Lip Scrub Manufacturing Business

In this article, we have provided you with some key pointers on how to start a Lip Scrub Business. You can use it as a guide to set up a highly successful lip scrub manufacturing business

Here are the things that you should do to start a lip scrub manufacturing business:

1. Research The Market:

Conducting market research is a must before entering the lip scrub business. You need to gather data about the target audience like their age, occupation, salary, hobbies, interests, etc. Also, you need to research the marketing and branding strategies adopted by the competitors.

It will give you insights on things that are trending in the market. It will not only help you while formulating the lip scrubs but will also give you deep insights into customer expectations and pain points. You can also use the research to create a concrete business plan with the help of experts.

2. Develop A Lip Scrub Formula:

To develop a lip scrub formula, you need to consult an expert. The experts will guide you on how to formulate the products in a lab. You can also suggest to them the ingredients you want in your lip scrubs and they will modify the formula accordingly. You can also tie-up with a private label lip scrub manufacturer.

A private label manufacturer is a company that manufactures products for other brands. You must find a private label company that is capable of formulating the products from scratch. They should also have predefined formulas that can be modified as per your requirements.

3. Get Required Licence & Permits::

After developing the lip scrub formula, you must obtain the required licences and permits for manufacturing high-quality lip scrubs. The lip scrubs manufacturing process must follow all the standard procedures and routines to obtain these licences. The regulatory bodies need to be consulted to obtain these licences.

You will also have to register your business with the help of a Chartered Accountant. Once you obtain the licence, you can start obtaining cruelty-free, SLS & paraben-free, GMP, and other certificates for the products. You may also tie-up with a private label lip scrub manufacturer who can provide you with these product certificates.

4. Select A Manufacturing Location:

You must choose the manufacturing location wisely as it will affect your overall business and profits. The location must be close to a market where you can distribute your products. The property and tax rates in the location should be as low as possible. If you select a faraway location, your transportation costs will automatically increase.

To avoid these hassles, you can collaborate with a private label lip scrub manufacturing company. They will have their own manufacturing plants and you do not have to spend on purchasing equipment and machinery as well. It will automatically reduce your production cost and help you to earn higher profit margins.

5. Find Suppliers:

Find reliable lip scrub suppliers who can offer the ingredients required to manufacture lip scrubs at wholesale rates. The suppliers must be able to fulfil your bulk requirements as well. Finding a good supplier for starting a lip scrub business can be quite difficult if you are a startup. Instead, you can contact the lip scrub private label companies that source the ingredients themselves.

Their tie-ups will help you to find the raw materials at wholesale rates. It will also help you to slash production expenses which will ultimately help to grow your business revenue.

6. Set Up Your Manufacturing Facility:

Setting up a manufacturing facility is not an easy task. You will have to determine the location and then raise the required funds to develop the infrastructure. After that, you will have to purchase the equipment and inventory to handle the production activities.

As multiple processes are involved in the production, you will have to cope-up with huge expenses, especially if you are creating the infrastructure for bulk manufacturing of lip scrubs. To avoid these costs, you can tie-up with a private label manufacturer. They have their own production plants and it will also save labour costs.

7. Create Packaging & Branding Materials:

Once the products are manufactured, you will need to package them perfectly. Use high-quality designs and labels to make your products aesthetically appealing and attractive. Choose the colours and designs wisely as they will reflect your brand identity and values.

The branding materials like logos, brochures, eBooks, etc. will also help you to increase your reach and online presence. Working with a private label lip scrub manufacturer who offers third-party labelling services can be a good idea. It is so because they offer logo designing, package designing, brochure designing, and other services that you need for branding and packaging lip scrubs.

8. Marketing & Selling Of Lip Scrubs:

Once the packaging is done, you will have to think of marketing and selling your lip scrubs. You need to find the offline and online distribution channels that can make your supply chain process lean and efficient.

You can create a website and a mobile app to improve your online sales. Through smart digital marketing and social media marketing tactics, you can grow your online presence which will ultimately boost your online sales. Even lip scrub private label companies offer marketing, branding, and SEO services. They can even develop apps and websites for selling your products.


These were some key steps that you must take for starting a lip scrub business. BO International is a standard and certified Private Label Lip Scrub Manufacturer. You can tie-up with them to manufacture high-quality and effective lip scrubs. They utilise the latest innovations and technologies to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. Their custom formulas will help to impress the customers. You can contact their sales representative today and explore more about their private label services and offerings.

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