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Packaging of Skin Care Products

  • 17/02/2023
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Packaging and labeling of Skincare products go beyond aesthetics. Though the packaging of skin care products may differ with the type of products, the whole idea behind the packaging is to safeguard the contents inside the package. Therefore, skin care bottles and other products should be packaged in light-proof materials to prevent them from getting ineffective.

At the same time, environmentally aware brands would like to get eco-friendly skincare packaging for their offerings. Considering the diverse requirements, one must avail of the services of packaging experts for getting the best quality packages at affordable rates.

Considerations for Best Skincare Packaging

Some things that you can consider while selecting the best skincare packaging for your brand are listed below:

1. Ability to Block Light

Most skincare products contain ingredients like oils that are quite sensitive to light. They tend to react with other compounds in the presence of light. Sometimes, they break down quicker or destabilize and become ineffective. To prevent these occurrences, you must use skincare packaging that has the ability to block light.

For instance, use tinted bottles for storing skincare products safely without any disturbance from sunlight or artificial light.

2. Ability to Sustain Acidic Compounds

Skincare products and cosmetics that contain fruit extracts or other acidic compounds tend to react with metals. When stored in tins, they might erode and cause corrosion. It will eventually degrade the quality of the products stored in the metal tins.

You must avoid using metal tins for such products or even if you use them, ensure that they contain a protective layer to prevent the reaction between acidic compounds and metal containers.

The containers made with PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or glass are the best storage options for these skincare products.

3. Squeezable

The packaging of skin care products must be done by keeping the convenience of the end-users in mind. For instance, you should use squeezable tubes to store products that contain gels or cosmetic solutions. It becomes easier to squeeze out the gels and creams from the tubes or any flexible container.

Some brands also use dispensers that can be squeezed to retrieve the contents with the help of a tube or pipe. Such products are quite popular because they are easy to use and provide faster means of application to the end users.

4. BPA-Free

BPA is a chemical found in hard plastics. It is not only harmful to your skin but also affects the endocrine system and disrupts its functionality. Though the amounts used in plastic bottles are low, regular exposure to BPA can have drastic effects on the skin.

To prevent this, customers prefer cosmetics and skincare products that are stored in BPA-free containers. As a brand, you should be conscious about your consumer health and introduce healthy and safe means to store your skincare products.

5. Eco-Friendly Containers

Packaging options that can be recycled back or reused should be preferred over others. It is because the customers are aware of the drastic impact that plastics and other storage materials can have on the environment. Even brands are becoming eco-friendly these days as it reflects a positive brand image and helps them during social media campaigns and promotions.

Containers made from paper, cardboard, bamboo, and other degradable materials are the best options for storing skincare products.

Considerations for Skincare Labels

Now, let’s look at some things that you should consider while labeling your skin care products:

1. Discolouration-Free

Skincare packaging materials that get discolored easily tend to be less aesthetic and appealing. Therefore, brands are preferring discoloration-free labels over others. Skincare products with acidic content tend to smudge or discolor the labels easily.

As brand owners, you would like your labeling to look perfect for a long time as it also affects your brand image or perception. You should use labels that resist discoloration even when exposed to acidic components like AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

2. Moisture-Resistant

The labels should not smear or fade away when they come in contact with water or moisture. It is because most cosmetics and skincare products are used in the bathroom before or after taking a shower.

As a result, they tend to come into contact with water droplets or moisture. By using water-resistant labels, you can ensure that the labels do not come off from the container when they get wet.

3. Oil-Resistant

Many skincare products and cosmetic applications contain essential oils or natural oils. These oils tend to drip off the container while being used. Exposure to oil can make the labels look nasty or less attractive. Even if the products do not have any oils, the oil present in our skin may come into contact with the labels and cause them to degrade.

To prevent this from happening, you must use oil-resistant labels that maintain the look even after coming into contact with greasy or oily substances.

4. Blends with Brand Image

The labels that you use for your brands must be consistent with your brand image. For example, if you have formulated products for a younger audience, the labels must sport funky and cool colors. Similarly, the labels used for natural and herbal formulations must contain green, brown, and earthy colors.

You can refer to the labels of some of the top skincare brands and take a cue from their skincare packaging labels and designs. Their labels will definitely inspire you to create unique and creative labels for your products.


These were some means of ensuring the best skincare packaging materials and labels for your products. You can outsource the packaging work to a third-party private label skincare manufacturer. Bo International is the leading private label skin care company in India. They accept custom formulations and ingredients as per the request of their clientele.

Also, they allow their clients to customize the packaging options as per their marketing requirements. Get in touch with their sales representative today and explore more about their services and offerings.

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