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Private Label Cosmetic Packaging – Benefits & Importance

  • 21/02/2023
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The right kind of packaging of cosmetic products is not only important from the safety point-of-view, but it will also support your marketing efforts. The same rule applies to the private label cosmetic & skincare product packaging. If you have subscribed to private label skincare & cosmetic packaging services, you must be aware of its pros and cons.

Firstly, the packaging of your cosmetic products would be done by a third-party private label services provider. It means you won’t have complete control over the packaging materials and designs. Yet, you can let them know your preferences, and they will get it done for you.

Benefits & Importance Of Private Label Cosmetic Packaging.

Here are the top 4 benefits & importance of private label cosmetic packaging.

1. Protection Of Product

The primary purpose behind the private label personal or skin care product packaging is to provide them safety from external forces. The sturdy packaging materials protect the contents while storing, shipping, and handling them. Also, you can use waterproof packaging materials to prevent accidental spillage. Many brands use tamper-proof packaging materials to avoid the pilferage of cosmetic products.

They prevent the entry of foreign materials or light and protect the products from getting spoiled. Finally, the use of recycled materials can help brands to promote sustainability measures taken by them.

2. Creating Brand Awareness

Brands can create awareness about their offerings by using attractive and appealing packaging for their skincare products and cosmetics. The bright colours and exciting designs and patterns used in the packaging can attract the customers’ attention. At the same time, they can contain some good information that can convince them to buy the products.

Finally, the packaging used for cosmetics and personal care products should align with the brand’s image. It will create a good impression on the users and ultimately assist their branding efforts.

3. Labelling Of Products

While the packaging of cosmetic products is an important business aspect, the brands cannot ignore the labels either. They must avoid providing misleading information through labels as it can affect their overall image. The ingredient list and other details provided on the labels must be accurate. It must help the customers identify the product and guess its quality.

The information about the manufacturer, like the manufacturing company name, location or address, etc., should be properly explained. Finally, it should contain information on how the products should be used.

4. Packaging In Multiple Layers

Packaging of personal care or skincare products in multiple layers has its advantages. The primary packaging is the layer in direct contact with the personal care or skincare products. It must protect the product and provide easy access to the consumers. The secondary packaging should be the box that contains the accessories, user manual, and other documents offered with the product.

Finally, tertiary packaging should be used to ship the products to customers safely. Each of these layers has its importance, so you should choose their respective packaging materials carefully.

FDA & EU Regulations

FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) defines the packaging guidelines and instructions of personal care & cosmetic products in the US. The packaging regulations and rules in the EU (European Union) also vary slightly. The brands distributing their personal care products in EU nations and the USA should comply with their respective regulations.

Using eco-friendly materials, recycling of materials, reducing the impact on the environment, and preventing the use of chemicals in packaging materials are some of the standard guidelines issued by these governing bodies.

ISO Standards

ISO standards are meant for products and are implemented to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of the products. ISO standards are essential to the packaging industry because they are internationally accepted and recognised. For example, ISO 9001 is the standard that helps businesses to create quality packaging.

The ISO 14001 standard dictates that brands use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials. By adhering to ISO standards, companies can make their delivery systems smooth and efficient.

Environmental Aspects

Brands that want to build their image should use sustainable packaging for cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products. They must try to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment by using biodegradable packaging materials for their products. These efforts are appreciated by the regulatory bodies, and even people like to be a part of these initiatives.

For instance, packaging made from recycled materials will reduce the cutting of trees, and nature lovers would love to buy products that come with such packaging.

The Bottom Line

As a brand, you must focus on working with private label cosmetics with custom packaging solutions. The private label makeup packaging services must include eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials.

Bo International provides private label customised packaging solutions to its clients. You can collaborate with us to create unique, stunning, attractive, and eco-friendly product packaging. Contact us today to learn more about private label cosmetic packaging services!

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