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Steps For Creating Custom Skincare Formulation

  • 24/03/2023
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Skincare brands want to use unique formulas for their products. They develop custom products by working on unique formulas that are tried and tested in the laboratory. There are several steps involved in the development of custom skincare formulation.

It involves rigorous testing methods to test the efficacy, quality, and specifications of skincare products. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the steps that you should follow while developing Custom Formulations for Skin Care Products.

Steps For A Creating Custom Skincare Formulation


Steps to follow while creating custom Skincare Formulation

Step 1: Research & Development

Research and Development refer to the process when a company employs experts to research the development of new and unique skincare formulations. Sometimes, it may require years to develop a new formula while sometimes the process can be completed in a few weeks. It all depends on finding the right balance between the ingredients used in the formulas.

The efficiency and quality of individual ingredients are also tested during this phase. Companies often use the latest innovations and technologies to support their research and development process.

Step 2: Testing Lab Samples

Once the research has been completed, the lab samples are forwarded to the manufacturing team. Usually, multiple formulas are provided to test which one compliments the overall requirements of the skincare brands. The brands then provide their suggestions and recommendations about the final quality and properties they expect in the products.

There could be changes as well depending upon the overall quality of the manufactured products. Once the samples are verified and completed, they are forwarded to the final production stage.

Step 3: Packaging Requirements

Once the product formulas are ready, brands tend to focus on their packaging requirements. Packaging also plays a key role in determining the product’s success. Usually, companies tend to design packaging that blends well with their marketing and branding efforts.

Third-party private label companies offer custom packaging solutions so that the skincare brands can select the packaging types and designs that make their products eye-catching.

The aesthetic value of the products can be enhanced by using the right combination of colors and designs in the packaging.

Step 4: Testing Products in the Market

Usually, companies produce a small batch of products so that the skincare brands can test them in the market. In this process, the products will be supplied to a few customers or testers who will use the products and provide their feedback. If a majority of the testers find the products useful and effective, the brand will ask the third-party manufacturer to manufacture them in bulk.

If the feedback is negative, the brand will ask the manufacturer to make changes as per the suggestions or feedback of the testers. Such type of pilot testing is done to ensure that the brand does not suffer heavy losses in case the products don’t turn out well. It also prevents the brand image from getting damaged due to substandard products.

Step 5: Initiating the Production

Once all the above four steps are completed, the skincare brands ask the manufacturers to complete the production. In this stage, the products are manufactured in bulk. The custom skincare formulation allows the brands to manufacture top-quality products. Even then, the products are tested after manufacturing to check whether each product meets the technical specifications.

High-quality packaging materials are used to ensure that the products don’t get contaminated in transit. Manufacturers hire competent and professional testing teams to ensure top-quality and effectiveness of the manufactured products.


We have seen how important custom formulation of skin care products plays a crucial role in the product development cycle. The skincare brands can outsource the manufacturing of products to a trusted and reliable third-party private label skincare manufacturer.

BO International is the leading and certified private label skincare manufacturer in India. They accept custom formulations and employ rigorous testing methods at every stage of production. The use of high-quality ingredients and top-notch formulas make their products market-ready.

BO International also offers high-quality customised packaging solutions so that brands can get packaging as per their marketing needs. Get in touch with their sales team to know more about their private label services.

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