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Testing Of Cosmetics Products – Why It Is Important

  • 21/02/2023
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Testing of cosmetics is essential because it ensures that you distribute safe and quality products in the market. Some formulas may need to be corrected regarding their safety and quality specifications. Launching untested products in the market affects the brand value, reputation, and overall sales and revenue. Testing of cosmetics is also done while certifying the products.

For example, cruelty-free cosmetics mean the products were not tested on animals. Similarly, testing products is a requirement before providing them with kosher, halal, BPA-free, and other certificates. In this article, we will understand the importance of testing cosmetics and the consequences of being careless when it comes to testing of cosmetics.

How To Make Sure Your Cosmetics Product Is Safe?

To ensure your cosmetic products are safe, you must test them thoroughly. Your tests need to be regarding the quality and safety specifications of the products. The different types of testing to be done are highlighted below:

1. Microbiological Testing

Microbiological testing verifies whether a product has microorganisms or not. The growth of the microbes can contaminate the products, and they may also affect the stability and quality of the products. Therefore, it is one of the essential aspects of cosmetics and makeup testing.

2. Stability Testing

Stability tests determine whether a product remains stable under different climatic and storage conditions. The testing of cosmetics for stability ensures that the products remain practical and usable for a long time.

3. Patch Tests

Patch tests are conducted to verify whether a particular product suits the skin. Products not with patch tests might create irritation, redness, or rashes after application. Consumers are also advised to conduct a patch test before using a product.

4. Safety & Toxicological Testing

Different compounds and chemicals can be present in makeup and cosmetic products. Their combination may create chemical reactions and toxic elements. These substances may be unsafe for your customers’ skin and overall health. Therefore, testing cosmetics from a safety point of view is essential.

5. Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures that cosmetics product performs well in different conditions. For instance, if a whitening skin cream is formulated, its overall effects and results determine its performance. Performance testing usually involves the measurement of prolonged use of products.

6. Compatibility Testing With Packaging

The packaging materials and their compatibility with the actual products are also tested. It ensures that the products remain stable and safe when stored in packaging. For instance, coloured or tinted bottles are used to store essential oils as it prevents their reaction with sunlight.

Regulations Behind Cosmetic Product Safety?

In the USA, the FDA (Food And Drugs Administration) regulates cosmetic products. The regulations ensure that the brands do not use chemicals or inorganic elements in cosmetic products. Similarly, there are also specific regulatory procedures to be followed in India. The regulatory processes ensure that the final products are safe and tested as per the regulatory testing body. It does not mean the regulatory body tests and approves all products. However, it means that the brands must follow guidelines, regulations, and laws set by the regulatory body.

Cosmetic Product Testing Laboratories In India?

A third-party agency or firm in a laboratory should do the testing of cosmetics. Some of the top cosmetic product testing laboratories in India are listed below:

  • STRC (Sigma Test and Research Centre)
  • Auriga Research
  • Testing Laboratory India
  • Spectro Analytical Labs
  • Alcatech Research Laboratory

What Is CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) – How Is It Important?

CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) is the central authority for approving new chemicals, conducting clinical trials, and regulating drug import. This regulatory body also issues licences to cosmetics, skincare, and personal care companies. There are six zonal offices, seven laboratories, and 13 port offices of CDSCO in India. The primary role of CDSCO is to ensure public safety by maintaining the quality of cosmetics products and drugs. This regulatory body also tests the efficacy of the ingredients. As a result, Indian cosmetic companies must remain aligned with the rules and guidelines set by CDSCO.


The above points highlight the importance of testing cosmetics. We have also seen how important it is for brands to get vegan-friendly and cruelty-free status. Brands should focus on getting their products thoroughly tested. They can also outsource their manufacturing to a private label company that follows all the safety regulations and testing procedures.

Bo International has a separate research and development team that tests each ingredient and product. Rigorous tests are conducted to maintain the safety, quality, and efficiency of the products. Brands can outsource their production to such companies and focus on their core business activities. It will help them grow as a business without faltering on testing and other standards.

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