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Tips to Consider when Choosing Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers

  • 21/02/2023
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Private label skin care manufacturers can take care of the entire product cycle from the ideation to packaging processes. Many brands prefer the services offered by private label skin care companies because they want to focus solely on the other aspects of their business.

While they can also avail of the services of white label skin care companies, private label manufacturers provide them with the flexibility of choosing the ingredients and customising the formulas.

There are many advantages to choosing private label natural skin care companies for your brand. Yet, you should consider some things while choosing them.

In this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you while choosing organic private label skin care manufacturers. You can focus on incorporating these tips while outsourcing your production to a private label skin care manufacturer:

1. Will I be the Owner of the Product?

Yes, it is possible to be the owner of a skin product even if you have got it from a private label skin care manufacturer. You can simply create your own formula and patent it and ask the private label manufacturer to handle the manufacturing. Or else, choose the private label companies that allow you to be the owner of a product after customising the ingredients and contents.

You can also customise the existing products by suggesting some changes to them. After manufacturing the products, you can test whether they match the given specifications. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the ownership of the product even when you outsource it from a third-party private label company.

2. Check the Quality of the Ingredients and Raw Materials used in the Products

The overall effectiveness of the products will be defined according to the raw materials and ingredients used in them. Therefore, you should only use the ingredients and raw materials that are obtained from authentic sources. High-quality ingredients will make your products more effective and beneficial to the end users. It will automatically reflect in your sales pipeline and gross revenue.

Ultimately, it is the customer that decides whether your brand and products will be successful or not. As a result, you should only collaborate with private label skin care companies that use fresh and raw ingredients of premium quality. Some private label skin care manufacturers even allow you to supply the ingredients that are necessary for product formulation.

3. Cross-Verify the Manufacturer’s Authenticity

Verifying the manufacturer’s authenticity is the basic requirement and may seem to be easy. Yet, it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad private label skin care manufacturers. Some of the key aspects that you should check while verifying the manufacturer’s authenticity include:

a. Certifications

You may need some certifications for your products. These may include gluten-free, vegan (cruelty-free), organic, and some other certifications that make your products stand out from the others. Check whether the private label companies you collaborate with have these certifications before finalizing a contract with them.

You must also verify whether they have real or fake certifications as there are many companies that show fake credentials when it comes to their certifications.

b. Expertise

It is better to work with an experienced private label skin care company as their services would be reliable. You can find that the local manufacturer agrees to provide similar products at cheaper rates. Yet, the quality of their products isn’t verified and it exposes your brand to the risk of supplying faulty products in the market.

Therefore, you should only go with private label skin care manufacturers who have extensive experience working with different skin care formulas and products.

4. Packaging

Packaging is also a key factor that decides whether the customers will find your products appealing and attractive. Work with the private label skin care firms that allow you to customise the packaging as per your marketing needs. The packaging material and quality should be verified in advance before selling them in your retail and online stores.

You can also ask the manufacturer to provide you with some samples of the packages before finalising the final ones. It will help you determine whether the packaging material and design are as per your expectations. Also, ensure that all the details like weight, size, specifications, etc. are mentioned properly in the labels.

5. Does the Manufacturer Fulfill your Needs?

After considering all the above tips, you can prepare your own checklist and find out whether the private label skin care companies meet your requirements.

For example, the checklist can include things like product quality, quality of the packaging material, design of the packaging, etc. You should also investigate whether the private label skin care manufacturers can provide you with the required quantity of the products within a deadline.

Startups can focus on the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) before finalising a deal. After all, it is you who will be more concerned about your products and not the manufacturer. Therefore, being careful with all the things associated with manufacturing and packaging is a must.


We have seen how to choose a private label skincare company from these tips. Yet, you should also use your own experience and employ some of your own strategies before signing an agreement with a manufacturer.

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