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Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Cosmetics Brands

  • 09/02/2023
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The cosmetic Industry is an industry that holds the solution to all our beauty needs. The beauty industry has always been an ever-growing and ever-changing industry. There’s always something new to try. A new product, a new fragrance, a new color, or a new experience, whatever it may be, we love it.

The cosmetic industry has observed tremendous growth over the years. Consumer behavior has been a key role player in this growth. People are always eager to try a new lipstick or new hair gel; always trying to find a product that is a solution to all their problems.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Cosmetics Brands

The global cosmetic industry, valued at USD 326.4 billion in 2022 is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 442.43 billion by 2028. With such a diverse consumer base and a saturated market, the cosmetic industry holds so much growth potential. As a new and upcoming cosmetic startup, establishing a brand in the beauty industry can be a little intimidating. Having a good and effective product with a good marketing strategy can be the key to success in the cosmetic industry.

While creating a good product lies completely in your hand, you can always depend on a good manufacturer with authentic products to create a product composition as per your desire. One such manufacturer is BO International, one of the leading essential oils manufacturers in India. here are the top 5 marketing strategies that you can follow for the success of your cosmetic brand :

1. Build a Strong Community

The biggest boon in the beauty industry is that it has a wide customer base and targets a huge demography of the market. The most reliable marketing strategy in the cosmetic or beauty industry is marketing through word of mouth.

If your product is works and liked by your customer, chances are it will reach their peers. So, building a community will help you generate a loyal customer base.

Here are a few ways that can help you build your own community:

a.) Be where your Customer is:

In today’s world of social media marketing and online shopping culture, it’s important for brands to create an online presence. So, the first step is to identify a platform where most of your consumers are.

b.) Create a Strong Online Presence:

Your online presence is like a store for your customers. Your website is your headquarters and your social media is your print. Post regularly, use the platform to educate your customers about your products, work on your social media strategy and make it a place where your customers can easily find you and learn about your products.

c.) Interact with your Customers:

Maintaining an active interaction with your customers can help set you afar from your competitors. If your customers feel heard they will trust you. This increases customer loyalty as well. Conduct frequent Q&A sessions and interact with your customers through the comments of DMs to increase customer interaction.

d.) Appreciating Loyal Customers:

One of the tactics that never fails is to reward your regular loyal customers with discounts or free samples. This encourages them to buy again from you and makes them a great incentive for your brand.

2. Create an Omnichannel Experience

The shift in consumer behavior post-pandemic boosted the growth of e-commerce businesses. Digital marketing has made it easier for brands to market their products cost-effectively and also compete with more established brands.

A report shows that, as of 2021, 87% of beauty consumers claimed that they have spent more on products online than they did in person before, and 57% of consumers claim that they bought products from brands they never heard of before.

Along with having an online presence and a strong digital marketing strategy, today’s successful brands make sure to stay active on numerous channels, such as:

  • E-commerce Site
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Emails & Newsletters
  • Various Social Media Platforms
  • YouTube
  • Paid Promotions & Advertisements

The key is not only to be present everywhere but to create a seamless online experience for your consumers. You can create an effective and effortless omnichannel experience for your customers by giving your customers the option to interact and engage at each point.

Your website should include your contact details, blog section, e-commerce section, your social media handles, and information about your business. Your social media posts should link back to your website or your e-commerce site.

Your emails should contain your website information and your social media handle. Essentially, every online channel your brand has should be connected so that’s easier for your consumers to access your other channels easily.

3. Product Reviews:

As discussed earlier, the best way to market your beauty product is through word of mouth. It not only increases your brand awareness but also leads to sales; plus, it’s free. You can always ask your loyal customers to give feedback on the products.

You can share their feedback on social media and your website. Product reviews by genuine consumers have proven to be more effective than paid advertisements in the cosmetic industry.

As a new beauty brand in the cosmetic industry, it’s quite difficult to garner customers’ trust. Consumers in the beauty industry also hesitate in trying new beauty products and often tend to stick to their regulars. If you have genuine customers writing great things about your products, it will help build trust among customers and encourage new customers to buy your products.

4. Collaborate with Beauty Influencers:

Influencer marketing is growing tremendously over time, and it is not a hidden fact that most of the influencers out there are influencing people’s styles. Post-pandemic, influencers have become a huge part of the cosmetic industry.

Beauty influencers have a huge impact on a product going trendy. Nowadays, they hold the key to the success in social media marketing for a beauty brand. Having the right influencers represent and speak about your product can really fasten up your growth.

Partnering with an influencer who not only connects with your brand but also is connected with the largest part of your target market will help you reach your target audience easily and also increase your brand awareness amongst your target audience.

5. Promotions and Giveaways on Social Media

In the cosmetic industry, it’s very important to create a great first impression. If your product is true to its advertisement, know that it’s bound for success. But, it’s very difficult to get consumers to commit to purchasing a product from your brand, especially for the first time. In this scenario, a special promotional discount can encourage and motivate your customers to buy your products.

Giveaways on social media are also a great way to increase your social media engagement and attract more customers. Giveaways with specific rules to qualify can be a way to reward your loyal followers and also may encourage new customers to follow you on social media.

Promotions and giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness and brand engagement.


Digital marketing and e-commerce have opened the doors for many cosmetic brands to make a name in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry has in fact observed many new players that remained unknown before the onset of online shopping culture. Even though the cosmetic industry is quite large and there are many competitors, we cannot look over the potential and opportunities it holds.

With the right product and the right marketing industry, you can always end up winning the beauty industry. Making the right product has never been easier for beauty brands. Digital marketing has made it very easy for cosmetic brands to access raw materials from a reliable source such as BO International, one of the leading essential oils manufacturers in India.

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