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Top 5 Ways To Stop Men’s Oily Skin – What Products Should They Use

  • 27/02/2023
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What Makes Men’s Skincare Different From Women’s?

Both men and women struggle to maintain a clear and blemish-free-looking face. However, there is a significant difference between men’s and women’s skin. While men have thicker and more rough skin, women usually have softer and more delicate skin. The question of how to prevent oily skin persists for men as well. Due to higher collagen levels in the men’s skin cells and active oil glands, they must follow a different skincare routine than women. In this article, we will discuss how to prevent oily faces for men and how they can reduce oily skin naturally.

How Can Men Prevent Oily Skin?

Men should be careful while choosing skincare products. They should only use products that are formulated for men. The products formulated for women may not provide the same results for men as they are formulated according to the skin type and issues faced by women.

Here are some ways that men can stop oily skin without any side effects:

1. Cleanse Skin With Cleansers

Natural skin cleansers exfoliate the skin gently and remove excess oil from the skin’s pores. Apart from the oil, they also remove dead skin cells, dust, dirt, and other impurities that degrade their skin quality. Using a natural facial cleanser that is packed with essential oils is a good choice because they restore the health of your skin by infusing nutrients and vitamins. At the same time, they also provide clear skin by reducing oily skin.

2. Exfoliate & Moisturize Constantly

While you might use exfoliating products to stop oily skin, you must also moisturise your skin daily. The lost moisture during cleansing will be restored by the hydrating ingredients or emollients present in the moisturisers. Using moisturiser once a day is recommended if you have oily skin. Over-moisturisation may clog the pores and lead to issues like pimples and acne. Also, moisturisers should be free from artificial preservatives and chemicals.

3. Use Alcohol-Free Aftershave

Men prefer using an aftershave lotion to soothe their skin after shaving. While it may be necessary, using the after-shave lotions and gels containing alcohol may cause excessive irritation. It is because alcohol has a drying effect on the skin. It tends to react with the oils present in your skin pores and may cause issues like pimples, acne, blackheads, etc. After-shave lotions that contain natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera, etc., are recommended for men belonging to all age groups.

4. Use Facial Mask

Men refrain from using skincare products like facial masks. However, they must use natural face masks that not only hydrate the skin but also fix issues like skin irritation and dryness. Exfoliating face masks are also available in the market that prevents oily skin and provides you with a fresh and clear complexion. Avoid facial masks that contain synthetic exfoliants, as they might degrade the quality of your skin. Use natural face masks daily to get oil-free skin!

5. Use Sunscreen

Men often neglect their skin, and it is one of the main reasons which they struggle with acne, pimples, skin redness, and other issues. Using sunscreen is recommended for men who have sensitive skin. However, even men who work in the open or have to go out daily in the sun may use it to protect their skin from sun damage. Natural sunscreens block harmful UV rays and prevent issues like tanning. They help to maintain the natural complexion of your skin without making it look oily or greasy.

Why Does Skin Become Oily?

There are many reasons why your skin may become oily. Some key factors are genetics, stress, humidity, hormonal changes, weather, and more. You must drink plenty of water to balance the oil and water content of your skin. The lack of hydration also forces the skin cells to secrete sebum or natural skin oil in excessive quantities. This may make your skin oily. Use natural exfoliants like face scrubs, exfoliating face masks, face washes, etc., to get rid of the excess oil from your face.

What Are The Symptoms Of Oily Skin?

An oily skin looks unusually thick. The excess accumulation of sebum or skin oil in the pores causes them to swell. It leads to the noticeable appearance of large pores. Pimples, acne, and blackheads are also visible on the face. The skin may look greasy or oily. To prevent this, you must follow a regular skincare routine that reduces oily skin and makes your skin look clear and oil-free!

The Bottom Line

The list of this article is that the reasons for oily skin could differ with respect to gender, age, genetics, and other reasons. However, you must always maintain a healthy skincare regimen and search articles and other forms of content on the internet that tell you how to stop oily skin. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. Avoid taking too much stress and work out daily. At the end, do not forget to use some natural skincare products that keep the oil saturation in your skin pores under check!

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